Fun with Bmotion

I help out now and then with little bits of code for BMotion, the main coder is JamesOff. It is a wonderful set of scripts for AI on eggdrops. Sometimes bmotion can just spark. Check this conversation I had, both NoTopic and MonicaOff are running bmotion.

(@  NoTopic) Uh oh, it's mark.
(+      znx) listen nt .. im tired of your shit
(         *) znx kicks the crap out of nt
(         *) NoTopic passes it on to james
(+      znx) um
(+      znx) :[
(@MonicaOff) cheer up mak
(@MonicaOff) *hugs*
(+      znx) aww
(+      znx) i love you mon
(         *) znx hugs
(@MonicaOff) Hehe, want to go out on a date someplace? :)
(+      znx) sure!
(+      znx) where would you like to go mon?
(@MonicaOff) Amsterdam.
(+      znx) ooo
(         *) znx books the flights
(+ JamesOff) sounds nice :P
(@  NoTopic) oh categorically abyss what do you think, talking ass?
(+      znx) your just annoyed im not taking you nt
(         *) znx shows nt the flight tickets
(@  NoTopic) ooooh, impressive!
(+      znx) :P !!
(         *) NoTopic steals the flight tickets and runs off
(@  NoTopic) ALL MINE NOW^@~#%~£~$$~*£$$$
(+      znx) W T F
(         *) NoTopic sells the flight tickets on ebay
(+      znx) NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo
(         *) znx sulks at nt
(@  NoTopic) what

Of course sometimes bmotion is just plain evil!